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The last few months have been very challenging for me as I badly broke my ankle which resulted in a lot of thinking about my job, my life, what I am doing, …
I was feeling stuck and at a cross path but without being able to move forward.
I always had a very bad opinion of myself thinking that I am never good enough.

With Ines coaching and support, I started to understand my value and get my confidence up. Through different exercises, Ines pushed me to get out of my comfort zone with a kind and understanding approach. Ines always made me feel secure and safe to talk about my deepest fears and feelings. She helped me setting goals and showed me I can do anything in life.

I am now making peace with my past. I open myself to others without judgement and give a chance without cutting people off straight away. I see opportunities and that I am capable to do what I want. I feel that I am worthy.

Ines definitely helps me through this journey of life and it’s without a doubt that I would recommend Ines to anyone who is feeling lost in their career, personal life or any other matter we can face in life.

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