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My name is Leigh Tyson. I describe myself as a ‘Maverick’ Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Personal Results Coach.

Ines and I got to know each other as part of a community of qualified coaches. I passionately believe that everyone who wants to achieve their very best potential in life needs a coach…including a fellow coach like myself.

At the time I was looking for the ‘right’ person to help me, as I was stuck dealing with confidence and procrastination issues in terms of making a more full-time transition into what I truly wanted to do.

I found Ines and her coaching program fantastic and perfect for what I needed. Ines has an energy and positivity about her that is infectious. Her tailored coaching process allowed me to quickly identify what was holding me back and her guiding techniques provided me with the inner confidence that I had been missing. I also learned a lot about myself too. Thanks Ines!

If you are looking for someone to help you deal with life’s challenges, who really knows their stuff and genuinely cares, then I can’t recommend Ines highly enough!

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