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Before I asked Ines for some coaching sessions, I struggled for years to believe in myself. I did not feel worthy and I felt judged by others. I always just tried to fit in and to please others which resulted in me being a very loyal and supportive friend but left me feeling empty inside. I enjoy being there for others, but never really looked after my own feelings and emotional needs.

Like many others, I had a fractured childhood. Dad, the light of my young life, left home when I was just 6 years old, and my mother raised my brother and I as a single parent. We were raised with very strong morals and ethics and taught to give 110% to everything we did in life, a guaranteed way to get ahead. While it has indeed helped me achieved a lot over the years, it often led me to find fault with things I did, especially if I had not achieved the desired outcome.

I came out as a lesbian later in life, and my family’s homophobic views left me stranded without the support I needed. Limiting beliefs, which I was holding inside for years, compounded at that time and I felt completely lost.

Then along came Ines! She helped me to start believing in myself and to stop paying attention to other people’s opinion. She is a great listener and used several very liberating coaching tools and systems that helped me to eliminate many of my blocks and limiting beliefs about myself. I know if things get tough, when I feel down or I need to talk to someone I can rely on her support. Ines helps me to find my own way and guides me along to accomplish my goals of inner freedom, self-love, self-belief and a more confident approach to things. She is a wonderful powerhouse; I really enjoy our coaching sessions and I always feel stronger afterwards – she gives me the feeling I can achieve anything!

I recommend Ines to anyone who feels stuck, lacks confidence or wants to achieve a certain goal or result – she will be able to guide you along, she holds you accountable for your actions in a very supportive manner. But most importantly, she will be there when others are not.

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