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3 Traits of the Greats

Traits – Perseverance, Resilience & Determination. Showing up – being present – while navigating the process What does this mean? At times we have processes we must go through to live life, to grow old, to become something other than…

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The Power Of Questions

If you want to become the best version of yourself, start by improving the quality of questions that you ask yourself.Something you’ll learn about being able to coach yourself and others is the ability to write questions in a specific…

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2.3 Seconds To Change

2.3 Seconds To Change Did you know that it only takes about 2.3 seconds to create a change in your life? It is a scientific fact that you can transform anything in your life easily and quickly, and here's how. To change…

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Head Heart and Hands

Head Heart and Hands What is it about these 3 things? Your head, I mean it is a structure, made of flat bones that sits upon your neck, covered in tissues and muscles with tendons, it has hair follicles on…

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