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3 Traits Of The Greats

3 Traits of the Greats

Traits – Perseverance, Resilience & Determination.

Showing up – being present – while navigating the process

What does this mean?

At times we have processes we must go through to live life, to grow old, to become something other than what we were last week, last year, last decade.

External things happen to us every single day as does internal things happen. Being resilient is the ability to stay. Stay there and go through the process. Persevering is the same thing, going through a process, staying there, and going through it. Moving your life through a process to get to the other side of whatever it is you are going through with more knowledge, experience, understanding and know how.

At times we have challenges which we don’t have the skills to overcome. This is where the Hang- In- There attitude comes from. This is part of the resilience and perseverance trait.

We all have a threshold to which point we either push through something or we pull out of something. The pushing through is the trait of resilience, and the passion at what you do, that with, is the determination.

How do you get it?

Some people are satisfied with being unsatisfied, while others find that the chase and capture of the result is super satisfying. They will ferociously endure a process with determination to get the result. These people have a deep understanding of their values driven vision. They know that in order to achieve that vision they have to be resilient, dig deep, work hard, remain passionate in order to get the result. They get knocked down 7 times and get up 8 times they keep going because their sheer grit and determination are aligned with their vision, and it comes from their values. Therefore, align your values with your vision and you will discover that you will have much more resilience and determination to get the results you desire.

Questions to ask yourself

Do my interests change often?

Am I completing long or short projects?

Am I completing any projects?

Am I a stayer or a leaver?

Stick to commitments

Specific attributes such as physical fitness, intellect, emotional or spiritual strength are not the greatest determinants of getting results. Resilience/ Perseverance is the key element that determines the outcomes more than other traits.  So, if you like to predict the outcomes in your life, measure the level of your ability to stick it out, hang in there, resilience, determination. And you will be able to best predict your outcomes.

The truer the values, the clearer the vision, the greater the resilience, hence, the more confidence of the success in life.

“Potential is one thing what we do with it is another”. – Angela Duckworth

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