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Head Heart And Hands

Head Heart and Hands

Head Heart and Hands

What is it about these 3 things?

Your head, I mean it is a structure, made of flat bones that sits upon your neck, covered in tissues and muscles with tendons, it has hair follicles on it and 2 ears. Pretty straight forward really. But it is what’s inside your head that matters the most, the mind. This is the part of you that makes or breaks you. Your brain creates all sorts of ideas, beliefs and stories we tell ourselves.

We also have the hand again simple enough we have 2 of them one is left, and one is right. It is made up of bone structures known as carpals, metacarpals, and phalanges, which are covered in tissues like your head with muscles and tendons. But it’s not what they are made of it’s what they do that makes your or breaks you.

Last but certainly not least we have a heart. An organ that pumps oxygenated blood around the body and is made up of cells that form a muscle with blood vessels. It’s an important piece of equipment we have hidden beneath the chest cavity. This is the part of you that makes your or breaks you.

Now the thing about all 3 of these together, is that when each of the individual part works in unison with the other, we create extraordinary things in our lives.

What you think with your head, makes your feel a certain way with your heart, creating an action of the way you behave. This is the part of you that makes your or breaks you.

This is the analogy of head, hand, and heart.

Thoughts are thing with fairy wings, developed in your mind. These thoughts create a feeling in your heart, which in turn generates a behaviour or an action that you do with your hands.

Notice the emotional feeling you get in your heart is the thing that stimulates an action. This is where you get your drive from, your motivation your reason to do something or your reason not to do something.

When you know in your head and heart the actions you need to do to create, big or small change in your life you are starting to create values driven vision.

In order, to make a difference, an impact, in your life you will need a vision as big as your family.  Vision is firstly created in your head as an idea. The emotion you get from this idea comes from your heart. Do you get goose bumps or a shudder, do you get excited or bored?

When you identify the feeling, the emotion and or physical sense you get from that vision/idea in your head, your actions, or hands, are the essential element to make that vision come true. Your behaviour and actions are the key elements to making your vision become reality.

So essentially, in order, to create a values-driven vision, connect with your head, heart and hand to determine your path.  Once you have this you are on your way the start to living your life in fulfillment.










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